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Each body holds the key to its own healing.
At Appalachia Guild of Healing Arts, we host a network of massage therapists, bodyworkers, energy workers, each with a list of specialized modalities to help unlock that innate potential each one of us possesses. Understanding each person’s body type gives access to resolving root issues of health conditions and illnesses. Our vision is to see others improve their health holistically through a variety of preventative healthcare services and alternative treatments.

Located conveniently in Downtown Asheville NC, our office is the perfect central location to rest and rejuvenate during your adventures in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

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Honor, Integrity, and Service through the Healing Arts.

The Appalachia Guild of Healing Arts is a Massage & Bodywork collective in Asheville, NC - we're here to show you exactly why Asheville is known for being a mecca of alternative health options and talented practitioners. Our team of therapists are experienced, passionate, and dedicated to showing you much more than just 'a massage' - so if you're looking to see why Asheville is on the map for bringing the highest quality therapeutic services, book your session today.

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Kristina Benthal

SPECIALTIES: Reflexology, Integrative Bodywork, Deep Tissue


Kristi's touch has the ability to induce a deep state of relaxation, allowing disconnection of mind, enabling your body to release where it has been holding on. Kristi favors proven results based techniques while being mindful and present to remain in tune with each client's specific needs. With an approach that is intuitive and nurturing she gives all of her energy to each session, producing immediate therapeutic results.


April A.


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