July 3, 2017

For my last asana homework assignment, I chose to explore Warrior III, also called Virabhadrasana III, or “Airplane Pose.” Once again, I am practicing a balance pose since these are poses I am weaker in. This asana is excellent for stretching the hamstrings, gastrocnem...

June 2, 2017

     Since balance poses are not where I feel confident, I decided to explore one for my 6th assignment. Half Moon, also called “Ardha Chandrasana,” is an extended full body balance yoga pose. It strengthens the thighs, ankles, abdomen, and gluts as well as opens the c...

May 8, 2017

Asana assignment 5:

Ustrasana, also called “Camel Pose” can be an awkward asana for my neck. Just like Fish pose, the position invites the neck to fall back, although in this pose, there is nowhere for the crown to rest.

To begin this pose, stand on your knees with your...

April 24, 2017

Throat Chakra = Vishuddhi



* Connection

* Openness

* Communication 

* Expression

* Listening

* Creativity

Body Parts

When these body parts become painful, uncomfortable, or activated, consider this a correlation with the 5th Chakra.

* Thyroid

* Hyoid Bon...

April 11, 2017

The assignment I focused on this time for my yoga teacher training was Cow Face pose, named “Gomukhasana” in Sanskirt. It is challenging for me to do this pose well because it requires both the upper body and hips to cooperate.

The hip-opener segment is difficult becaus...

March 31, 2017

March 16, 2017

The third Asana I chose to explore for Yoga Teacher Training is King Dancer Pose. All balance poses are difficult for me, so I decided to begin my exploration with this graceful asana. Natarajasana is Sanskrit for “Lord of the Dance” or “King Dancer.” It...

February 25, 2017

My second asana I chose for my homework assignment is Matsyasana, “Fish Pose.” I have never enjoyed this asana because it feels awkward for my neck. A few years ago, I had seen a chiropractor at a center that put me in two contraptions as methods of reconstruction for...

February 5, 2017

I began Yoga Teacher Training this January 2017 at Asheville Community Yoga. Our first homework assignment was to choose a difficult asana to practice and meditate on. I had chosen Rabbit Pose. This challenging position has not been a popular position I have encountere...

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