The Guild is a Holistic Network

Tap our network to bring therapeutic wellness to your front door.

The Appalachia Guild of Healing Arts has a broad network of connected therapists that go beyond our studio headquarters in Asheville, to serve you on location at your home or business.


A Database of Passionate Therapists

By using our network for your outcall service, you help to support both the Guild and our independent holistic practitioners directly.

For more information, send us a message detailing your specific needs and we will pair you with a therapist that exceeds your expectations.

Corporate Wellness

Can your organization benefit from our team of trained wellness professionals? Whether it is weekly chair massage, wellness fairs, or specialized coaching services to help your members and employees thrive in and out of the workplace - we'll be there.

Special Events

Fairs, festivals, and gatherings all benefit from the presence of an intentionally curated healing arts space. By having the guild 'cater' your event, you ensure guests' will have a wide range of therapeutic services, while our space infuses the essence of tranquility and therapeutic release into any occasion. For a quote, please contact us with your event details.

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Appalachia Guild of Healing Arts is a public service division of Healing Arts Ministries Trust based locally in Asheville and greater WNC.