Daniel Wicker
Zen Bones Holistic Health

CHHC, NC LMBT #15677

Focus: Advanced Injury Recovery and Chronic Pain


Specialties: Structural Bodywork, CranioSacral Therapy, and Holistic Health Coaching

Sessions: Integrative Bodywork, Integrative Energywork
Pre-natal Massage, Deep Tissue, 

and Couples Sessions

Daniel graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and the Center for Massage & Natural Health here in Asheville, while also seeking out apprentice-mentor relationships with other experienced healers (his most cherished being the Seaweed Man from Maine, Larch Hanson, a Rolfer of 40 years.)

'Zen Bones: Holistic Health' is the culmination of his experiences; growing up with a benign bone tumor and the way it displaced his natural body alignment and posture, sorting through the myriad of health practices and advice in search of relief, using meditation and mindfulness to heighten awareness of subtle lifestyle changes, and his experiences under the guidance of Larch that led him to become a licensed professional.

Now, as the founder of the Guild of Healing Arts, Daniel's vision is to serve clients with a true depth of Coaching & Bodywork so that they might step into a stronger awareness of their own human experience and steer it towards its healthiest expression.


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