Group Shamanic Journey

Wuji offers this 2 hour sacred shamanic ceremony for 4 people. It begins with a discussion of the shamanic realms and basic instructions for journeying.


Participants then lie down, facing the four directions around a central mesa of instruments, flowers, candles and sacred stones. After an invocation and opening of the 7 directions, travelers are led with sound and song to the journey path.

Then the journey begins and is taken to the live sound of the hoop drum for 20-30 minutes. The sound of the drum is the sonic driver of the visionary experiences to the Otherworld where guides, animal helpers, sacred landscapes, medicines and ancestors are encountered.


After being called back, participants are soothed with more sound and song before sitting up in circle for a time of sharing from the heart and guidance from Wuji.

The session is concluded with a universal prayer and a closing of the portals. 

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