Welcome to the
Appalachia Guild of Healing Arts.

Honor, Integrity, and Service

What is a Guild?
A Guild is an organization of independent artists, practitioners, or craftspeople with related interests
and goals. Mostly known as medieval associations of antiquity where merchants and artisans organized
to maintain certain standards and serve the interests of their members.

It's our calling to empower and support practitioners in fulfilling their divine gifts for the service of the
world. We believe that all of the healing arts are sacred spiritual tools for service to others which
rekindle our divine interconnectedness; to our own souls and the Divine that we are all of.


It's our undertaking to build a container of integrity for this important work;

one that will help as many practitioners reach as many people as possible, and one that will continue to support this work and those who do it, indefinitely, into posterity.



Core Values:
1. Honor and Integrity in our Profession

2. Neutrality, Non-Judgement, and Service to all regardless
of religion, caste, creed, identity, race, gender, etc.

3. Recognition that true healing comes from alignment
with the Divine Source; as practitioners we are simply
conduits which channel its energy.

4. To advance the Art of Healing in all areas of
recognition, and to accomplish this through public
education, community outreach, regulatory advocacy, and
through sharing the work itself far and wide.

5. Respect for all; both elder teachers and young
apprentices alike; from the smallest role to the largest.

6. Give charitably to others whenever possible, paying it
forward towards a world of abundance where all needs are met in-kind.

7. To approach each moment with loving-kindness and care,
starting from within the self and radiating outwards to all things and all forms in existence.



1. Create collaborative environments that support practitioners to achieve and give their best

2. Offer sponsorship and services by donation to as many people as possible

3. Build Centers that act as Retreats, Live/Work Communities, and Spiritual Ashrams
4. C
ontribute our efforts and resources beyond the treatment room, and address humanity's greater issues

Thank you for your support of our mission, and making your personal healing part of greater change
~ Tara & Daniel


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Appalachia Guild of Healing Arts is a public service division of Healing Arts Ministries Trust based locally in Asheville and greater WNC.