Kristina Benthal

NC LMBT #15754


Specialties: Shiatsu, Reflexology, Neuromuscular Therapy

Sessions: Integrative Bodywork,  
Pre-natal Massage, Deep Tissue, and Couples Sessions


Kristi is now practicing again at her new office on Wall Street.

You can book with her as of 10/1/20

Via Facebook: Https://


or Phone: 828-748-4079



Kristi made the decision to change careers and pursue licensure in massage and bodywork therapy in the spring of 2015, after spending more than 12 years working as a business manager in sales and accounting. She knows the demands an over-scheduled life brings, both physically and emotionally.  Kristi understands that often we become so distracted from ourselves we forget to listen to our bodies and our health and well-being get lost in the mix. She does not believe massage therapy is a luxury, but rather it is a key part of a holistic preventative healthcare lifestyle.


Kristi has grown an affinity for working with challenging clients and pathologies such as down syndrome, adult autism, PTSD, depression, grief and addiction issues. She has plans to pursue medical massage certification in the Spring of 2018.

Kristi favors proven results based techniques, while being mindful and present to remain in tune with each clients specific needs. With an approach that is intuitive and nurturing she gives all of her energy to each session, producing immediate therapeutic results.


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