Laura Troyer

NC LMBT #18360

Specialties: Lymphatic Drainage

Sessions: Integrative Bodywork,  Deep Tissue, Couples Sessions, & Pre-natal Massage,

Laura is fascinated by massage and its complex effects on the mind, soul, and body. She began studying the healing art of massage in 2016 and graduated from Lancaster School of Massage in 2017. With knowledge of the body’s natural self-healing process Laura helps each client experience new freedom in their body by applying an integrated approach. By utilizing her myofascial techniques she helps the client’s body deeply unwind from the undesired tension it carries. Laura has also studied the lymphatic system and manual lymph drainage to help improve the flow of lymph and decrease swelling. She’s worked with symptoms such as fibromyalgia symptoms and helped alleviate the pain. Laura is passionate about all aspects of living a healthy lifestyle. She enjoys cooking with fresh local produce, barefoot hikes with her husband, yoga to start off the mornings, and inspiring others to take care of their bodies.



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