What is Light Language?

For as long as we can remember, different cultures have received important information by channeling different benevolent energies.

Even Reiki energy is form of channeling Loving energy from Creator/Source,

which can allow

information, memories, and messages to come through.


Light Language is a unique form of channeling Loving vibration and frequencies from Source through different benevolent energies and guides.


It is often referred to as the "Language of the Soul."

Light Language can be expressed through

voice, writing, or signing hand mudras.

It is a multidimensional nonlinear form of communication.

What does Light Language do for the Body?

Light Language activates the DNA.

It is processed by our Highest Self while then allowing the body to align and transform for optimal health and wellbeing.

It helps remove and clear blockages that keep us from growing into our fullest selves.

When hearing the language, no matter what dialect that comes through, the body receives a flood of information.

Although the mind will not understand what is being said

(because the language is not linear) the heart will.

Frequency and sound helps heal and repair the body in incredible ways!

When receiving Light Language with hand mudras, the body is receiving codes which are embedded in the aura and within the cellular structure. These codes, many very similar to geometric shapes, may be visible in your minds eye when you receive them.

What may I experience during a Session?

- Tingling/Buzzing

- Twitching/Eyes Fluttering

- Sensations & Releases throughout the Body

- Goosebumps or "Spirit Chills"

- Memories and Flashbacks

- Yawns releasing energy

- Emotions/Tears

- Waves of Joy

- Hot/Cold

- Feelings of "at home" and "familiarity"

- Mental breakthroughs

- Flowing Energy

- Activation of Chakras

- Notice Colors/Images

- Sounds/Smells/Tastes

About the Practitioner

Since 2008, I realized I could channel a different language.

As years went on, I realized that there were many different dialects, organic hand movements and emotions that were associated with this phenomenon.

In 2016, I learned that what I was experiencing was called Light Language and that it was a unique form of channeling information from the Creator that is used to help assist people with his or her healing path.

I have received a Certification in Light Language in Sedona, AZ in 2020 and am currently enrolled in an accelerated online course to continue to sharpen my skills in this modality to best serve.

I am grateful to be an ambassador for this profound work!

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