Mouth Work

CranioSacral Therapy Protocol

Under the training of CranioSacral Therapy, we offer a therapeutic protocol for the mouth. These gentle techniques offer the intercranial bones permission to gently shift back into alignment. Focus is also given to the hyoid bone and all of the Suprahyoid & Infrahyoid muscles so that they may relax while releasing neck and jaw tension, thus assisting with the alignment process.


Mouth Work assists with:


- Dental Trauma

- Braces

- Teeth & Gums


- Grinding Teeth at Night

- Head Injuries

- Headaches & Migraines

- Avenue of Expression

- Vocal Clarity

- Imagination

- Mood Stability


To Book a 'Mouth Work Session' select 'Cranio-Sacral Therapy' from the list of treatments and make sure to book it with Earth!

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