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Wuji Wayfarer



Tara 'earth' Murphy

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Daniel J. Wicker

Amanda Joy Watson

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*Applicable to the price of Integrative Bodywork -

Practitioner specialties may vary and applicable discount of $25 will be applied *



Hope this finds you well!

But, if you're not - we're here to help in any way we can.

Our goal is to go beyond 'just a massage' and offer you your own deeper potential.

My own potential? How does that work?


Well, we're ready to share our love for what we do - explain all about the different techniques we use to keep you unfolding your highest and best and how YOU can make space for your inner healer to assist us in that work.

It may sound like a lot, but you're in good hands.


We can't wait to share all about CranioSacral Therapy; Advanced Deep Tissue; Yoga Therapy; Energywork; Sound Healing; Thai, Ceremonial & Structural Bodywork - the list goes on!

We know its a little overwhelming to dive head first into the wide world of the Healing Arts, so let us be your guide:

Start with our basic Integrative Bodywork session at a reduced rate for your first time.


At $55 for your first hour*, we know you're getting so much more than just the time - we're not about skin deep spa treatments or painful deep tissue that hurts more than heals.
 It's our passion and goal to make a real and lasting change in your body, mind, and soul. ​

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