What is Polarity Therapy?


Through a variety of contacts, and techniques, the Polarity practitioner stimulates and balances the electromagnetic field which is inherent in the

patterns that form in the body via the nervous system. Through clothed bodywork, the client is supported in releasing tissue and emotional tension, improving breath and circulation, and coming into life-issue awareness. The aim of the Polarity Practitioner is to

help facilitate changes in the way a client normally integrates experiences of habituated mental and physical patterning and educates clients in the means of self-healing support.


Integrating ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic concepts, -superimposed on Western Anatomy, Polarity Therapy is providing a leading-edge model for energetic medicine and holistic health. It has been scientifically researched and verified to have health benefits and is rapidly growing as a comprehensive model for true healthcare reform.


Visit: www.polaritytherapy.org for more information.



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