Mood Wix are 7oz candels made with soy wax and have a 24 hour burn time.



Sink into the moment of silence while the underlying hints of rosemary, sandalwood and cedarwood ground you to the earth. Release your breath, letting go of anything that is holding you back in this moment. Namaste’.


Subtle Om 

The subtle notes of jasmine and lily dance with the grounding aroma of fresh green leaves and tonka beans. Embrace each moment with a subtle Om


Dream State 

Allow the crisp aromas of apple and lemon guide you through altered consciousness to vibrant surroundings. Slip away from the weight of the world as you follow the sweet scent of dreamstate. 



The comforting aromas of pear,cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla will wrap your emotions in a blanket of peace, love and Abundance.


Mental Clarity

Enjoy the invirorating rush of mental clarity with the bright aromas of pepermint and ecalyptus. 

Mood Wix Candles


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