Energy is all around us.

It can be used to charge currents of electricity to charge a phone or heat a home.

It can also be used to Heal.

During Reiki I, you will learn how humans can channel Reiki energy into people, places and things for optimal health, growth, and abundance.

After receiving a Reiki I attunement, you will have the ability to channel this energy.

In this class:

  • Students will understand the history of Reiki origins

  • Students will comprehend what Reiki energy is and how to administer it

  • Students will know details on how to best administer Reiki

  • Students will learn the first symbol used in Reiki

  • Students will be introduced to the pendulum and how it works

  • Students will identify the Chakras and what each one represents

  • Students will be able to explain the benefits & contraindications of Reiki

  • Students will know what to expect during and after a Reiki Session

  • Students will learn the proper preparation before receiving an Attunement

  • Students will receive an Attunement to Reiki

  • Students will have a copy of their Attunement lineage

  • Students will observe hand-placements for Reiki and observe a treatment protocol

  • Students will administer Reiki energy to a partner in a session

  • Students will receive a Certification with 7 Credits for LMTs

Come join us!

Asheville, NC


9am – 5pm

7 CE Credits for Massage Therapist


* August 15th, 2020 

* August 29th, 2020 

* September 12th, 2020

* September 19th, 2020

* October 10th, 2020

* October 24th, 2020

This course will be taught by

Tara 'earth' Murphy with

Touchofearth Bodywork

Earth has received her Usui Reiki attunement in 2013. She graduated from Baltimore school of Massage in 2008 and is one of the two cofounders of The Appalachia Guild of Healing Arts.

She believes that attending to the energetic system is how we can prevent and manage physical illness, mental difficulties, and emotional stress.

Reiki has shown her how the power of Source helps bring balance into this world through Unconditional Love.

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