Subtle work with profound results...

What is Reiki?


Reiki is an Energy Therapy Modality. The techniques applied are effective by channeling Universal Energy through the attuned practitioner and to the client to facilitate healing. The practitioner may or may not touch the client during the experience, as it is the energy system that is being rebalanced.


During the session, the client may (or may not) feel sensations, see colors or imagery, and or have vivid recall of thoughts and memories. Afterward, because the body underwent a clearing of blockages of the system and a realignment of the chakras, the client will feel light, clear, and in an elevated positive mood.


Everyone can utilize Reiki to improve his or her daily life toward oneself or living and non-living things. This energy can also be sent at a distance, no matter how far away. When one is attuned to Reiki and learns the symbols involved, Reiki becomes more powerful.

Other Energetic Therapies we incorporate include:

Polarity = Balancing the hemispheres of the energetic anatomy

Qi Gong = Not just for personal cultivation, Qi Gong energy can be applied to stimulate specific meridian points, like acupuncture without the needle

Ama Deus = Shamanic modality similar to Reiki; uses Earth energy and a wide spectrum of specific symbols

Crystal Therapy = Using pendulums and crystals as aides to increase vibration and clear blockages in the auric fields

Healing Touch = Applying energetic touch the the body to facilitate therapeutic response

Light Language = This is a multidimensional language that is not understood on a linear level, but felt from an energetic level. It's frequency helps repair DNA, opens the heart, clear blockages within all systems and activate, while aligning the body. 

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