Reiki Sound Healing


This is a specialized offering from Reiki Master Wuji and Reiki Master Michael.

The experience includes a sound bath with rattle, native flute, singing bowls, unity harp, medicine songs, gongs, and other instruments.

Each Reiki sound healing will be tailored by the unique gifts each practitioner offers.

Wuji's sessions will begin with an invocation and clearing with feathers, sage, rattle and song. Following the clearing, mochi balls are put into the participants hands for grounding.

The 7 main chakras are treated one at a time starting at the crown and moving down the midline of the body ending with the root chakra. Singing bowls and the unity harp are often put directly on the body to deepen the treatment with cosmic vibrations released into the body.

The session ends with a song/prayer of unification as an ash staff is laid on the body and held by the participant. The sound, along with the Reiki, bring a profound sense of peace and bliss to the body-mind.

Of the 5 senses, sound moves the fastest and it is also retained in the body-mind memory much longer that any other sensation.

This sends the participant into a lasting period of unification with the reality of the bliss-void indivisible from which all bodies and the Reiki rays of light emanate. 

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