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Rabbit Pose

I began Yoga Teacher Training this January 2017 at Asheville Community Yoga. Our first homework assignment was to choose a difficult asana to practice and meditate on. I had chosen Rabbit Pose. This challenging position has not been a popular position I have encountered in my practice, but I was recently re-introduced to it during a Vinyasa class before teacher training began. I realized that it is much more difficult than it appears. There are two choices you can transition into "hare pose." First, you can begin from Child's Pose. I prefer to start while sitting on my knees and slowly curling my neck into my chest, lowering down to the floor with each vertebrae elongating through the process. Ideally, the yogi will have his or her crown on the floor with the chin touching the knees. The glutes are high in the air, yet perpendicular with the knees. Shoulders should always be away from the ears as the hands will be cupping the heels of the feet. All of the stages combined is quite difficult to do with perfection, therefore is not an usual to see many people in different versions in his or her rabbit pose. Although uncomfortable, I find this extremely helpful with lengthening my spine and neck. This pose aids in confidence with headstands by bringing strength and awareness to the neck, shoulders and upper back. It also brings attention to tight hamstrings and gluts. Although a frustrating asana for me, I practice daily, mainly because it aids in back care and stretches the rotator cuff region, hamstring and shoulder muscles. By viewing these photos of me in this pose, I have realized how weak the lumbar region of my spine is and am now eager to address my obvious issues. All around, this is a very difficult pose and I look forward to seeing how I progress throughout the training! Namaste 🙏 earth

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