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The Power of Light & Circadian Rhythm

Let's talk about light & circadian rhythm! It's been about two years of being mindful about the natural and alternative lighting in my environment. I've learned about the connection that LIGHT plays in maintaining optimal health and well being, and put some small life hacks into place to monitor my intake of light and dark cycles. So what does it look like? My morning ritual is to take as much time to get the light of sunrise directly into my eyes and on my skin. Not only has it given me a sense of calm, slowing down, and making time for self care - but my body responds and wakes up to it as well. I'm starting to notice a distinct difference between sun routine mornings and when it's either grey, raining and waking up only to stick my face in my phone and hide away back under the blankets to escape the dreariness kinds of mornings. Likewise, I've been sleeping in total darkness and limiting my use of blue screens at night by using special apps that reduce the intensity of my phone and computer, using more candles, and just dimming my lights and letting my eyes adjust to the darkness. There is a ton of information to how this relates to our hormone signals, brain chemistry, and cellular energy which I can't wait to get into in future posts. For now, just know that simply coming back in tune with the natural environment has profound implications, and may seem to require feats of strength to change our habits, but really the answers are so simple.. Blessings! Daniel

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