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SomatoEmotional Release - My Experience

Had another Breakthrough; it's the third one this year. But this one matters the most.

For about 10 years I have been diligently working with an issue in my neck. I have applied many modalities to cure this nuisance from Unwinding, Reiki, Deep Tissue, Stretching, Acupuncture, Crystal Therapy, and more. Many times I'd reenact the "Trauma Drama" of the event/s causing this stiffness, but I would only find mild relief. If I had really solved the problem, I wouldn't be having to revisit the episodes that caused it to begin with. I knew many deep rooted reasons why I was having this problem, but I didn't seem to be resolving it to the core.

Until my SomatoEmotional Release course.

This weekend I have been given the skills to connect with my All Knowing self to really connect the dots and let go of what I hadn't been fully confronting. Without the "Trauma Drama" of letting my body sink into the past, I remained present and went face to face with the segments I hadn't unraveled and healed.

I have now released the rope around my neck, which I now realize was hiking up my left hip, compressing the whole left side of my body. Once my pelvis was given permission to level within my body, my right leg moved into internal rotation, and now both of my feet are flat on the floor facing forward.... for the first time in my life.

Once my feet landed on the ground, after receiving treatment on the table, my body went into a huge emotional release as it aligned and integrated the progress from the session. My body cried in complete gratitude for finally freeing myself of a lifetime of pain.

There are many ways to heal the body, but I now am confident in knowing the skills on how to truly "ask the body" what it needs to truly get to the core root of the issue without just scraping off the top symptoms. You will surprise yourself what you will find! I have never felt more joy in my life knowing I don't need to return to the pain because it is no longer there!!

I want nothing else than to help you discover this immense healing for yourself. If you are interested in resolving a reoccurring issue in your body, feel free to contact me to set up an appointment.

Once we let it go, We have room to grow.

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