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A Fool's Day

April Fools day.

A day we find the jokester in us and prank our friend's and loved ones.

This year I'm looking at April 1st as something different than a dreadful 24 hours of being on keen alert to protect myself from being "fooled."

Instead, I'm embracing the archetype.

This year, it's "A Fool's Day."

In the Tarot, The Fool card is the first card in the deck. The story begins by introducing The Fool by joining him on his trip into the world. The first character he meets is The Magician, who provides him a satchel of 4 items: The Staff, The Sword, The Pentacle, and The Chalice (the 4 suits of the Tarot). With these tools, The Fool embarks on life's journey. He is unaware of what's to come, and although his nature may be naive and gullible, this character embodies a joyful childish side, ready for adventure.

As we embark on our journey as The Fool each day, we have the opportunity of which direction to go.

We can start over every day.

Instead of rushing forward foolishly in life, take time to ground and meditate on what you are the nourish in your life.

With each mindful step, welcome what your journey has to offer.

We are children with tools, planning our future as we go about our adventure towards our goals and dreams.

The unknown may evoke nervous curiosity, but it's also exciting to open to new discoveries.

We must be “wise fools.”

As we have just entered a new Spring season, let The Fool guide you.

Humbly respect each moment as Sacred as fresh opportunities present themselves to you.

Happy Fool Day!

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