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How can we "use" a stone?

How does this nonliving object help me?

All things within existence have a frequency.

Gemstones, crystals, and other rocks have different vibrations that have healing qualities for those within it's field.

By wearing gemstones, or having them in you home, car, or work space, these Earthly items can help you with specific issues.

The more energy you give to the stone, the more it's purpose is amplified in your life.

By mediating and spending genuine time with a crystal, you make it alive.

This application helps those in it's realm in return, including animals, plants, and electronics.

The wise Tale goes: "Carry Amethyst and you won't get drunk"

It was/is known to prevent intoxication and suppress anger.

Amethyst has many healing qualities beyond this.

This purple stone facilitates meditation as it opens 6th (3rd eye) and 7th (crown) Chakras, activating the higher mind.

Freeing oneself from not livings one truth can be an important shift, while strengthening Intuition and Psychic abilities when mediating with Amethyst.

It also aides in helping those who experience imbalance in one's life.

By having Amethyst in your space, you can help identify the root causes of emotional patterns.

Many people who suffer from addiction or any negative behaviors can have a lift of balanced equilibrium by holding this stone.

Maybe you don't know what you're doing in your life.

Maybe you feel you don't know which direction to go or how to heal.

Perhaps questions about your mission and spirituality are overwhelming you and you feel headaches from your stress....

By having a relationship with Amethyst in your life, you can help rid yourself of bad behaviors and mental anxiety and connect with your spiritual self.

Consumed in a lavender bubble of Prana Purification, you can tap into a higher consciousness, possibly meeting with angels or guides and receive cosmic messages.

It helps strengthen the bond between us with other dimensions.

It's Royal; It's Transformative; It's a magnificent stone to have on your alter.

It's a great stone to use as a massage wand during therapeutic bodywork sessions.

Bring Amethyst into your life to help Balance yourself while connecting with your Higher Self!


Lavender Light (2015)

I'd like to stand in the Lavender light It feel cool It feels clean The space illuminating from the crown The tranquil essence of my being The mind screaming in velvet comfort A splash of grounding Feminine This ambience of vanilla rich amethyst It's what mauve wished it been The hue laying the horizon Sunset quotes the day is done An Easter's new beginning Spring day's wrapped in silk ribbon I like to stand in the Lavender light It feels good It feels green It's here I wake into my prayers A place of absolute serene The sound of flowering tea The taste of lepidolite bells This lilac crown of coloring Painted softly, You almost can't tell I'm standing in the Lavender light Breathing in its healing impression I'm safe on a cloud of Lavender Purples favorite expression

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