Caffeine Free!

April 30, 2017


It's been 2 weeks since I've had caffeine. I've been kicking and screaming and throwing temper tantrums about quitting my daily coffee routine, yet Daniel has been persistent.


Coffee has caffeine which is a stimulant and consistently drinking cups only strengthens my addiction.
I'm seeking energy outside of myself by enabling this behavior.
Caffeine is hard on the bones and the body as a whole. 
It dehydrates your system.
It stresses the nervous system.
Simply put, Caffeine is not a healthy ingredient for your body!


Two weeks without this caffeine mask and I'm already feeling a relief in my adrenal glands, freedom from an overactive system, and a deeper presence in my therapeutic sessions. 

I'm getting my body back without relying on a substance to function.

I am grateful for "Dandy Blend" as my herbal morning substitute..... and I never thought I'd say this...... but thank God for Decaf coffee!






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