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Lapis Lazuli

This rich blue stone has been popular for centuries, especially with adorning Royalty.

It has been used in Egypt, India, Peru, Sumeria, Atlantis, China, Sumer, Europe and more.

It is helpful with opening up the throat chakra and the Third eye, giving access to The Higher Self.

By mediating with Lapis, one can uncover the layers within to dive deep into one's personal truth.

Many people often cover up his or her deepest needs by attending to other's or by numbing or over stimulating themselves.

By 'going with the flow' one may never think to go against the current, which may be where his or her path truly lies.

By shedding the skin of what we do not need, Lapis can help us discover what we have been hiding from ourselves.

By linking with the Third eye, one may have visionary awareness of information and knowledge that he or she has been searching for.

It enhances higher mind, psychic abilities, and aides with connecting to the Divine Spirit.

By assisting with the 6th and 7th chakras, it assists with improving memory, including past lives.

This stone also helps rid the mind of anything mundane including any negative habits and repetitive patterns.

It unlocks the blocks around the soul.

Lapis Lazuli is a helpful stone during therapeutic bodywork and energy-work.

Using a Lapis wand during a massage session can really loosen up the muscle attachments at the cranium and along the the neck into the clavicle at a deeper level.

Using any blue stones helps open the throat chakra during Reiki sessions, however Lapis is extra potent and powerful for helping one with self-knowledge and reflection.

By expanding one's truth and having a clearer perspective on one's life, one can be ultra motivated after a healing session with this stone.

If you wear Lapis, it is best placed around a neck to vibrate with the throat chakra.

It is best used for those who are in a confused state of life or who cannot communicated his or her truth.

It is also very helpful for vocalists and for those yearning to connect higher to their Higher self during meditation.

Among all the stones on an altar, this one is a must!

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