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Are you a Vocalist? Consider This...

Are you a passionate Vocalist of Western North Carolina?

Or are you a Public Speaker?

Well, I believe I can help you communicate and vocally express yourself to your highest potential!

To my understanding, Vocalists and Public Speakers experience a number of stressful factors:

- Muscle tension

- Sore jaw

- Rough or hoarse throat

- Difficulty projecting

- Vocal fatigue

- Change in quality of the voice

Just to name a few....

You may be interested in a healing modality that I offer that can assist with these issues.

CranioSacral Therapy – the Mouth Protocol.

CranioSacral Therapy offers a protocol to provide work in the mouth by relieving the stress and restrictions from inside the skull – the intracranial bones.

Pain and inflammation that may have been experienced for years can be freed from receiving gentle techniques applied within the mouth.

This has been known the help with various issues including:

* Inhibited Vocal Articulation

* Lack of Expression

* Poor Speech* Dental Trauma

* Stress from Braces

* Grinding Teeth

* Head Injuries * Concussions

* Seizures * Vertigo

* Headaches & Migraines * Tempo-Mandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJD)

Some of the bones that are assisted into aligned placement are the maxilla, zygoma, sphenoid, temporals, palatines, ethmoid, and vomer bones.

The hyoid bone also receives attention, along with with supra-hyoid and infra-hyoid muscles of the neck. And of course, there are techniques to attend to the tongue, gums and teeth as well.

CranioSacral is a subtle and non-invasive therapy that involves the cerebral spinal fluid. By tuning into the CranioSacral rhythm, the practitioner can locate where the cerebral spinal fluid is not generously flowing and facilitate correction. Once the rhythm ebb and flows with perfect rate, amplitude and symmetry, the cerebral spinal fluid can appropriately go along its path for optimal health and wellness.

After receiving a number of trainings in CranioSacral therapy, mostly with The Upledger Institute, my interest and passion in helping the body through these techniques continues to grow.

My hope is that if any one of you know you would benefit from this work, that you will request my services, as not many CranioSacral therapists openly offer this protocol. It is not often people know or seek out therapy for inside the mouth, so I warmly invite you to come visit us at the Appalachia Guild of Healing Arts where we are eager to help you clearly sing to your highest note!

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