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A journey into our new space

I want to first thank everyone who has blessed us with their support along our journey. Those of you who have been with us since the beginning may remember our first little room on Wall Street.

Earth was ecstatic to be able to say, "Suite P!" as if it was 'Sweet P' - and it is most certain that 12 1/2 Wall Street has been sweet and kind to us in our journey to build the Guild of Healing Arts here in Asheville! Now we've moved to Sweet, Suite B!

Even though we have only been in our space since December 2016, we've been blessed with the opportunity of continued expansion. Being an extremely small business with big dreams to build something, the chance to keep moving forward has been thrilling, albeit a little uncertain as first timers running their own show! We know what we're doing when it comes to serving others through our work; but building the framework of a successful venture has been a new challenge to us as we seek to really create the vision we see in our minds' eyes - a grand collaborative of independent holistic practitioners working together to elevate their craft and show you exactly why all of us are called to do what we do. That being said, we are incredibly blessed to have made the progress we have in just two years time. We're steadily growing towards that goal and now we have the space to accommodate more clients AND new therapists!

So come with us on our journey and take a look at our new space!

We're now on the Wall Street side of our building - which is a wonderful view of what we feel is one of the best streets in Downtown Asheville.

New Reception Area

Our new reception area means no more waiting out in the hallway - and again we were blessed with amazing opportunity to pick up some funky chairs (that match our colors perfectly!)

at Sunnyside Trading Co!

The Ocean Room

Our new singles room, dubbed 'the Ocean Room' is full of the soft sound of waves and cool blues to help you drop deep into that inner ebb and flow! We use this room a lot for single massage sessions, but especially love it for Cranio-Sacral Therapy as the wave sound & energy helps tap both practitioner and client into the inner wave of the Cranio Sacral Rhythm!

The Forest Room

The Forest Room is coming along nicely as we gather even more greenery to decorate this space. We still have a few plants yet to manifest before this room turns into a jungle, oxygenating the space and making each deep breath taken revitalizing and refreshing.

The Cosmic Room

We're not shy about showing our work in progress, as whats most important is that we continue to serve to align and center you each and every visit. Our Cosmic Room - still in progress, will be getting a fresh coat of celestial purple paint, with starlight projectors making this a universally unifying place to receive your bodywork or Cranio-Sacral Therapy session. We want to re-connect you to your own divine essence, and so our thought is to create an environment that reminds you what a unique and beautiful part of creation you are in the infinite vastness of space! (We've had pretty bad luck getting a good Star Projector, having gone through 3 models that just weren't up to par! So if you know of one - please let us know! It will be so! So stay tuned...) Thanks for helping us along our journey! Please feel free to book a session in our new spaces and let us know which you like the best! Your feedback helps us to co-create our shared vision.

We are here for YOU,

would be nothing without your support

as we live on through this reciprocal wheel

of giving and receiving,

caring for one another,

and making a better world

one session at a time! Blessings to all!

With Love and Endless Gratitude - Daniel James

~Jai Baba~

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