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Experiencing my Injury

Now into the 5th week, I have been home healing from a combination of injuries that snuck up on me.

During this time, I have had much time to reflect on my situation and it’s intimate details.

How can a healthy yogi/bodyworker fall prey to hip issues?

Am I a HIPocrite?

No. Just the opposite. Because I am open for growth and development, God has delivered me challenges and lessons. What better way to learn than through experience? Gratitude!!!

So what have I learned?

By reviewing the root chakra, I have examined my foundation: career, health, partnership, home. My base (pelvis) had to ‘break’ in order to be rebuilt. Even though I am experiencing a physical issue, I still must visit the mental and emotional aspects in order to repair the problem as a whole. Even the slightest changes I have now made in this realm have had great impact on the new framework I am updating for myself.

Sinking in deeper, I have felt suffering within my body that is rooted in my ancestral lines. Sitting with this has given me the opportunity to seize the passing of this pain. Not everything we carry is ours and it is our responsibility to confront, release, and integrate this.

I have embraced Yin. As a yang individual, this has been extremely challenging, even mentally. I had felt guilt for not “doing” anything when there is so much to do! It’s a humbling experience when the Universe uses great force to stop when you are moving with great momentum. For many days in the beginning, I was unable to move, laying on the the bed without a pillow. Any movement was extremely painful for my nervous system, forcing me enroll in the course of “non-doing.” It took me 2 1/2 week to finally settle and let go, completely comprehending the concept. To actually stop, surrender, and relax into it.

I have energetically found my midline and have toned down my pace. I have now learned about settling back into my spine and moving through life within my midline rather than shifting my energy forward with every action. This event has clearly shown me how to move with grace with everything I do. For the first time in my life, I know what it actually means to be centered.

As a massage therapist, I have developed a stronger sense of the body and what it is capable of. By being debilitated and learning to walk again, I have studied closely with the nervous and muscular systems. I am excited to see how this shift in my body and mind will translate into my sessions with clients!

I have also been overwhelmed by the support I have received in these last few weeks. Not only was my tribe there when I needed them, but the quality time I have received has overflowed my cup. What better way to heal then to be wrapped in Love!

Overall, this healing crisis has been a holistic educational journey. It is excruciating, painful, difficult, and challenging….and I am appreciative for it all.

Although I am not 100% yet, I am happy with my progress and my process.

What a transformation. What an upgrade!

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