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The importance of self-care as seasons change

Its October 1st, and though it doesn’t yet feel like Summer has officially left us, Fall is soon coming full swing and our world as we know it will rapidly transform around us! Although we’re in for a few more weeks of warm weather according to meteorologists, that can sometimes make the transition to the cooler weather seem to happen rapidly - so don’t be caught by surprise and check out these tips for a healthy transition into cool weather.

When temperatures start to drop, winds pick up and the atmosphere becomes light and dry - we leave the warmth of Summer behind. In the first half of the year, its easy to keep our bodies warm, mobile, and flowing - but its equally as important that we keep that momentum as the season changes. Especially with this warmer than usual fall weather - Winter will be here sooner than we anticipate and we want to keep our bodies from becoming stiff and stagnant.

So how does one mitigate the effects of cold weather?

1. Keep on top of your movement practices like yoga and running.

Movement practice, in whatever form you choose, is a wonderful way to keep the joints moving and the muscles warm. It’s important not to let dreamier weather and more dark in the morning and evenings sway your motivation to keep moving. It may seem like a drag to get out of bed and into that morning jog or yoga flow when its still dark outside, but your body will be glad you did.

2. Eat seasonally and modify your diet to be mindful of nature’s rhythms.

Consider if your diet matches your environment. In spring and summer, when fresh fruit and seasonal vegetables are in abundance, its easy to move towards ways of eating that incorporate lots of raw fruits and hydrating vegetables. But in the cold your body is going to be burning a lot more calories to stay warm, so remember your root vegetables, seasonal soups and stews, and high quality, locally sourced animal foods. Denser meals and heavier helpings of fats will give your body the fuel it needs to brave the cold.

3. Add massage and bodywork into the mix to give an extra touch to seasonal self care.

The soothing strokes of a massage can keep the body flexible and limber. Many therapists add in gentle range of motion movements at the joints to keep the body moving and encourage the flow of blood and lymphatic fluids. Fall is the perfect time to add massage to our self care routine as a way to prepare ourselves to be our very best before the more drastic winter weather.

Even with winter still seemingly far away, its tempting to already fall into hibernation mode and allow our bodies to become stagnant. Bringing massage into your self care mix now will provide an extra push to stay moving in the dry cool weather we are about to face.

Schedule yourself a day of self care in our Downtown Asheville studio today!

Book a massage, brew up a cup of warm tea, and keep the body warm and mobile - so that even if Fall & Winter come without warning, your body will be well prepared to gracefully transition through another season of life!

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