Sound Healing


This 90 minute group Sound Healing is offered by Wuji for 4 people. This is ideal for a group that wants to be bathed in the frequencies of love, bliss and peace.


The happening begins with an invocation and medicine songs/sounds for clearing and emptying. It then moves in an intuitive sound arch that follows the energy of the participants and the guidance provided directly to Wuji from his guides.


Live instruments played by Wuji include; rattles, singing bowls, unity harp, RAV vast, native flutes, eagle whistle and gong plus medicine songs/mantra. The healing power of sound effects the body for up to 2 to 4 hours after the experience.


Come bathe in the profound medicine of sound and ride the vibes into a total mind-body-spirit reset, rebalancing and remembering of the sacred vibrational web of which we are a part!

Call us to schedule.

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