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Here at the Guild of Healing Arts, we have lofty ambitions.
We want to change the Massage & Bodywork Industry here in Asheville and provide this region's
talented healing artists with wages that truly represent their level of skill, dedication, and passion.

The holistic health profession has long since struggled for recognition and acceptance as an every day part of self-care, preventative health care, and treatment of acute chronic issues. Even now, as the surge of awareness around nutrition, organic food, holistic medicine, and alternative health treatments rise, there are still many skeptics, as well as everyday people who do not realize the benefits of these practices or downplay their proven effectiveness. This means many independent practitioners struggle with the feeling of having to lower their value to obtain clients and customers.

We are here to show you that even something as simple as Massage Therapy can provide a deeply profound transformational experience that redefines the experience you have of your own potential to grow, change, heal, and leave behind stagnation, restriction, and pain.


That being said, our mission is also to increase awareness, education, and outreach to all walks of life, in order to show them directly how powerful holistic health practices really are.
People have long since come to this area to heal, and Asheville has one of the largest populations of holistic health practitioners per capita in the country.


However, Asheville is also far below the national average in terms of compensation and pay rate, and with bodyworkers especially, many are working for food-service wages although their jobs are far more physically demanding and their talent and passion for the work is unparalleled.



This means we advocate for our therapists to earn above the current industry average, while also trying to pass on as much value as possible to our clients.

We hope that you find these Coupons & Deals helpful in making our services affordable.

If you find any other offer, whether on Groupon, LivingSocial, or another studio,

we will do our best to match their pricing while still ensuring our therapists are compensated at the highest rate possible.

Please realize that every time you use Groupon, our local Asheville economy suffers, the Massage & Bodywork Industry suffers, and our talented, passionate healing arts community struggles for the resources necessary to provide you with the highest service that you deserve.

If you still can not afford the treatments at discounted rates, you are welcome to apply for our need-based sliding-scale program. Send an e-mail describing your financial situation to AppalachiaHealingArts@gmail.com and we will work with you on getting the service you need.

We want to give you the best treatment, the best deals, and the most transformational experience we have to offer you. We also want to see the world change by providing these much needed services to all, regardless of income or financial status. If you can not afford the suggested donation amount listed on our service and booking pages, please reach out to us at appalachiahealingarts@gmail.com with a subject 'Sliding Scale & Sponsorships' to begin a conversation with us about reduced rate treatment options.


the Members of the Appalachia Guild of Healing Arts

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