Patterns of restriction and pain come undone...

There are a diverse number of techniques and modalities in the world of therapeutic bodywork, and the structural approach combines several in order to most effectively work with complex issues that often create the most pain or restriction to movement.

Borrowing from the underlying philosophy of Rolfing,  and Structural Integration, our Structural Bodywork sessions work along the Myofascial Meridians to integrate muscle groups into the core to obtain a balanced distribution of weight and movement that engages weak or atrophied tissue, and releases what is hyper-tense or overworked.

While this work utilizes deep relaxation, it is technical and detailed in nature and focused on creating change within the body.

Through using integrative myofascial techniques, sessions are designed to reduce and alleviate pain, increase range of motion, free stuck or frozen tissue and joints, and realign the posture to prevent chronic issues.

Recommended for anyone who is unable to find relief from chronic pain, these sessions are designed to be the most effective, therapeutic, and clinical.

Hear testimonial from our client, Gaby Michel, on how a 10-week treatment series took her out of pain and into hope, knowing that its never too late to get out of pain...

Words of          

Rest in the Light,

Abide in the Heart

"Look at the body without praise or blame," my teacher would say, "acknowledging that it did what it had to do to bring you to this moment." 

Our bodies are exceptional things. Adaptive, they can conform to any circumstance in order to protect the seed of life contained within.


Unfortunately as modern bodies, we have pressure to do things that may be physically stressful and demand a lot from us, leading to reduced function over time. Adapting to our current environment comes with a host of maladies related to deficiencies in nutrition, movement, and interaction with the natural world. 

Yet we never blame the body, for it did what it had to do to carry us to this moment. 


Now, fully present in each breath, we have an opportunity to look squarely at the patterns our body has learned to bring us here, observe them without judgement, and choose to carry or let them go...

Thank you, Larch.
For teaching me


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