Wuji Wayfarer

NC LMBT #16906


Specialties: Ceremonial Bodywork,

Reiki Sound Healing, & Sound Healing

Sessions: Integrative Bodywork, Couples Sessions,

Integrative Energywork, & Reiki

Although Wuji has moved away from Massage & Bodywork, he is focusing on Sound Healing and Death Doula Work.

Let us know if you would like to be in contact with Wuji!


Wuji began Spiritual Practice in 1984 while studying with voice teacher and mystic, John Albert Harris in NYC. Following a near death experience in 1988, his dedication to the spiritual, healing, and shamanic arts became a full time passion. Wuji’s deepest devotion streams from a heart devoted in service to the universal light of the Divine Mother in all her sacred forms. 


In 2000 he began full-time licensed bodywork, and became a S.H.E.S minister. In 2004 he was accredited to teach, T’ai Chi Chih (taichichih.org) and in 2006 was accredited to teach Seijaku. Wuji has provided Spiritual Guidance, Meditation Instruction and Shamanic Journey Circles since 1995. He is a life-long Song Carrier, Poet, and Visual Artist. In 2010 he began offering Death Doula/World-Bridging services for those in their dying time. 


Wuji says:

 “I offer you spirals of light, hands like keys that unlock your healing, sacred sound for  grace and surrender, and the sustenance of undivided attention. My wish is for you and all sentient beings to be healed and whole, liberated and free, so that peace may be realized throughout the entire Universe. I invite you to join me and am grateful for your being.” 


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